A few days ago we have heard that Wikileaks is going to publish some 251.287 documents made by 274 embassies worldwide to the State Department. Of course some embarrassing ideas can be found in these memos, however, a discussion can be started if this leak was ethic or not. The State Department has already started the campaign to save as much as possible. Even Hillary Clinton made a public statement and she hopes the relation between USA and other [possibly offended] countries "will stand the challenge". Honestly, I think she was not that convincing, but I think there was no other option for her. There is a huge security issue if such classified documents can be downloaded easily from some internal State Department computer networks.

Was it ethic to publish all these documents? It may happen that these documents may put in danger some persons and of course some negative description about some people made by the US officials may offend and create tensions between US and its allies.

What about the other side? They claim that all information should be public and everybody should know about these documents. The information should be free but at what price?

I think the world should have access to information but some parts should be omitted in order to protect some persons and some interests. Unfortunately, some persons have the right and power to classify some documents and I am not sure this is right. Please refer to the documents classified by the Gyurcsany government in Hungary created during the riots in Budapest (2006).


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