This new blog entry is coming from Port Douglas about 3,000km north from Sydney at the Eastern Coast of Australia. It is just amazing. I haven't seen such a landscape before. The Pacific Ocean, the trees and the ambiance it is just the perfect match. It is wild and impressive. Simply amazing. I am really sorry but I am not always able to describe what I have seen. It is totally different what I have seen before.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Nemo and Franklin but at this time I am going to visit them in their natural habitat. We are going for a sailing and snorkeling with turtles. Can you imagine?

Ps. Right now I am going to sleep. During the whole flight I was working on a camera ready version of one of my papers, so not even now I can not forget about working. However, from now on nothing can stop me to focus just on VACATION! Bye dear Reader!


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