What a shame

As you probably know, I do not speak German for the moment, so in my private moments when I look TV (not really often) I prefer CNN or TV5 Monde. They are some news channels where you can really be up-to-date with the latest stories over the world.

The other day I have just seen that the bus of the national football team of Togo has been deadly attacked by some rebels from the region of Cabinda. Several wounded and unfortunately three persons have died over the attack. Right now all the news channels are discussing this matter, producing tons of digital material feeling the front pages of the newspapers.

It is a regrettable event, indeed, but I think the attack was not really focusing on the footballers but rather they were in a wrong place in a wrong time. However, the name of Cabinda has been entered on the main door of all the news agencies. Meanwhile, hundreds and thousands are dying on daily basis. They are normal people which have been born in a wrong place and a wrong time. What is happening with them? Nobody is interested if they are killed? Their live is not important anymore? Whata a shame to treat them as such...

I prefer not to do any distinction between people. We are equally important! We should not distinguish based on position, color, race, ethnicity, etc.

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person." (The universal declaration of human rights)


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